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The « Fund » is a Trust constituted under the Civil Code of Quebec pursuant to the Declaration of Trust. The Fund’s head office is registered and located at 1315 Canora Road, Town of Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada, H3P 2J5. The Fund is controlled by its trustees.

The « Fund » qualifies as a « Mutual Fund Trust » under the Tax Act for the purpose of investing in its subsidiaries which will directly or indirectly conduct the commercial and mixed-use real estate development endeavours described in our « Offering Memorandum ».

The Fund


We search for properties that may have some or all of the following attributes:


Mismanaged, undervalued and/ or undercapitalized, which are acquired at attractive prices, with assets capable of being recapitalized and repositioned in order to enhance value through redevelopment and improved management.


Possibility of leasing existing vacancies and increasing rental rates through strategic property expansion, reconfiguration, cosmetic enhancements and /or modifications of existing structures, and possible zoning modifications.


Potential of achieving a superior, risk-adjusted return through high-profitability investments across diversified asset types which we know to be undervalued, and that do not reflect the future value of the assets to be acquired by the Fund. 


Past performances do not guarantee future results, a loss of capital may occur.


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